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Empowering Tomorrow, Today: Illuminating the Future with Clean Energy Solutions! Trusted Partner in Sustainable Energy Solutions. Join us as we embark on a journey towards a greener, brighter future, where solar power transforms the world one panel at a time!

About Us

A simple, affordable way to control your energy bill

JC Solar and Electrical is bringing homeowners a simple, affordable way to power their homes with the sun and to get control back of their energy.

Our passion is to help Australians become more energy independent. After a tumultuous 10 years of constant power company price increases, black-outs and coal-fired power plant failures, we’re seeing more Australians searching for a better solution. Recent statistics from the Clean Energy Council tell us people are paying nearly $1500 a year on their energy bills because electricity prices are so high.

Solar panels

Get the best deals on Solar Panels & Batteries in Melbourne & Victoria


10kW Solar System

6.6kW Solar System

6.6kW Solar System

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Solar battery system

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Our Services


JC Solar and Electrical VIC

Solar energy

Small to large scale systems, residential and commercial systems, micro inverters & optimisers.


JC Solar and Electrical VIC

Solar battery systems

Get the most out of your Solar system with a Solar battery.


JC Solar and Electrical VIC

Light and Power

LED lighting upgrades, garden lighting, sensor lighting, 3 phase power, adding or deleting power points and all you other lightning and power needs covered.


JC Solar and Electrical VIC

Switchboard upgrades

Commercial and residential switchboard upgrades, mains upgrades, new dedicated single and three phase circuits, disconnection and reconnection.


JC Solar and Electrical VIC

Security and Data

New data points, security cameras, access control systems, rack fit offs, phone lines and all your other security and data needs.


JC Solar and Electrical VIC

Electrical Maintenance

Fault finding, test and tagging, appliance replacement or upgrade, smoke detector installation and testing, ceiling and exhaust fan installation, fire exit tests and any other electrical tasks you may require.

About Us

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Solar panel

Experienced Installers

End to end Services

Dealing with personable & knowledgeable Tradesmen throughout the whole process.

Best Deals on Solar

Residential or Commercial Solar

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Energy Independence

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Am I eligible?

Victorian households are eligible to receive a rebate for installing a solar PV system if they meet the certain criteria.

Getting started?

We're making it even easier to take up solar, introducing a new, more efficient system for applications.

Obtaining a quote & applying for eligibility.

We’ve updated the rebate process to make it even easier for Victorians to take up solar.

0% interest loans for up to 4 years of solar

It is a positive cash flow investment. Eligible households can now get up to 4 years of 0% interest loans.

Get up to a $1,400 Solar Rebate.

The Victorian Government is providing up to $1400 rebate to eligible households for installing Solar Panels. Rebates are capped, so you need to get in quick.

Batteries provide the ability to become 100% self sufficient

Use the sun’s power capturedduring the day in the evening’s with a Battery energy storage system.


The Power of solar.

The average Victorian household save’s $1073 on their electricity bill annually.
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