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A simple, affordable way to control your energy bill

JC Solar and Electrical is bringing homeowners a simple, affordable way to power their homes with the sun and to get control back of their energy.

Our passion is to help Australians become more energy independent. After a tumultuous 10 years of constant power company price increases, black-outs and coal-fired power plant failures, we’re seeing more Australians searching for a better solution. Recent statistics from the Clean Energy Council tell us people are paying nearly $1500 a year on their energy bills because electricity prices are so high.

We call this the solar revolution, and JC Solar and electrical are ready to provide Australians with solar panel installation, solar battery storage, LED lighting and energy efficient appliance upgrades to bring their energy bills down.By introducing some of our solar and energy efficiency products in your home, you can realise real savings on your energy bill and protect your family budget from the endless skyrocketing electricity prices. What’s more, you can feel great that you’re giving back to this great country by generating renewable energy.It’s easy to take back control. Stop relying on your energy providers and join us in solar revolution.

Jess Chockman

Managing Director

At JC Solar and electrical, we believe it shouldn’t be hard to find a local electrician in Melbourne that you can rely on. Offering competitive pricing with the highest quality workmanship.

Jess Chockman

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